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Courtney and Brandee Huddleston​


Courtney is a children’s book illustrator based in Texas. He enjoys creating eccentric and cartoony characters, especially kooky animals and monsters. Courtney is married to the author of this book. They are the proud parents of two daughters and two cats. When not drawing, Courtney is usually daydreaming about drawing. Some of his clients include Scholastic, Lerner Publishing, McGraw-Hill, and WowWee.


Brandee Huddleston has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Sciences, as well as a Master’s degree in education. During her years as an elementary school teacher, she has read and enjoyed many wonderful stories with her students. The stories that tickle the hearts and imaginations of her students are always her favorites. Brandee and her illustrator husband, Courtney, came up with the idea for their quirky, one-legged character on one of their many long Texas road trips. This is their debut children’s book as a literary team.

Court Nee

Court Nee is a Texas-based mother of two cats. Having worked in retail, administration, tutoring, and childcare, there was only one job that fueled her imagination to write children’s books—serving as an Extended Day Group Leader. After school each day, she was the one who wrangled the kids into snacking, learning, playing games, and playing even more games.

Her inspiration comes straight from the source—free range,100% organic kids!
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