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Uno the
One-Legged Spider

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What’s a one-legged spider to do? His greatest wish is to run in the town’s Big Race, but his pet ant has chewed up his only running shoe. It’s a race against the clock as Uno tries to do enough chores… to make enough money… to buy just one racing shoe…before the race begins.

Uno bakery.png


Patrick, 9 years old

We loved Uno! His attitude, good manners, and determination were wonderful!


Riya, 8 years old

I loved how Uno tried to figure out how he was gonna get his shoe and he helped people at the same time


Sonya, Mother of 4

The illustrations were the BEST.  The kids loved all of the details, colors, and the ability to interpret the story. I personally really enjoyed the messages in the story.

Everybody Loves the Adventure!

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