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uno bk 1 cover 8-21-2023 .png

Uno Book One


A fun, quirky, and wholesome comic style children's book about a one-legged spider, set in Gleewood Glen among animal friends.

UNO bk 1 front cover.png

Coloring Activity Book 


This is an inspirational and fun coloring book for kids. It boasts 38 coloring and activity pages. 

Max Cover.jpeg

Max the Mockingbird


Max is a very special bird looking for a friend. Will his hidden talents help him find what he is looking for? A charming book that is great for young readers 4-8.


Malcolm's Monsters


Some people have guardian angels, but Malcolm has guardian monsters. And what Malcolm doesn’t know about his friends is that they oftentimes leave his dreams.

WYRE Front-cover-only.jpg

Would-You-Rather Elf

A mischievous elf enjoys getting kids into sticky situations. This year-round mischief maker thrives on their misery. Will the would-you-rather elf learn his lesson, or will he continue to wreak havoc among the children?

Watch the Fun

Uno Book One is sure to delight readers of all ages! Featuring Courtney Huddleston's whimsical artwork, it will bring a smile to any face. Watch as the idea for the coloring book cover draft comes to life in the accompanying video through the hand-drawn illustrations. Uno the One-Legged Spider is perfect for a special gift or a fun family read. Enjoy!

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